Blacksmith Custom Wrought Iron Forged Steel Cape Town Western Cape

Entrance ways and Doors

Custom sculptured and hand crafted artistic entrance ways and doors by Rootform the Art Factory.

Blacksmith Forged Metal Fire Screen Cape Town Western Cape

Fireplaces and Chimneys

Fireplaces and chimneys architectural details created by Rootform reflects your unique character forged into aesthetics. Blacksmith Artisan's merge the possibilities of age old, hammers and anvils techniques with modern materials and design technologically, creating functionally exceptional state of the art iron and wood sculptured master pieces.

Blacksmith forged meta,l, concrete and wood Floating Staircase Cape Town South africa

Architectural Floating Stairs

Our Floating Stairs combine various types of materials & structural engineering techniques into one of a kind structural architectural works and design marvels.


Interior & Exterior Lighting

Ornate Wrought iron and rare metal component fabrication for fine art design, production and restoration of interior and exterior architectural furnishing for the rugged coastal Cape Town Weather.

Forged Metal Fencing

Custom fabrication of Hand Forged Metal Fencing crafted with attention to detail and specialize finishes , ensure a successful project installation and completion.

Handles and Curtain Hardware

With intricate attention given to the details of our designs, our ornate Handles and Curtain Hardware are forged into works of art at our full service blacksmith forge and metal work fabrication facility.

Interior and Exterior Furniture by Rootform Blacksmith Wrought Iron Forged Metal Cape Town Western Cape

Interior and Exterior Furniture

Functional and appealing Interior and Exterior Furniture enhance the beauty, value and style of your home.

Glass Wood and blacksmith forged metal Kitchens and Bathrooms cape town

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Rootform specialize in the design and manufacture of Kitchens and Bathrooms to enrich the charm of your home.

Blacksmith Forged Metal Wrought Iron Balistrade Cape Town Western Cape

Balustrades and Handrails

Handcrafted Balustrades and Handrails by our Artisans - Rootform provides custom fabrication of blacksmith forged iron and master carpentry wood handrails, combining twisted and fluted wood with forged iron balusters. Our teams personal attention to details and handcrafted custom finishing, ensuring a successful completion and installation.

Art, Sculpture & Trophies

Art and Sculpture Work by Rootform the Art Factory - Artisans Studio & Workshop. A contemporary iron and steel forge, metalworking studio and woodwork carpentry workshop.

Movie Props and Rigs

For our Movie Props and Rigs you can expect to talk with someone who has knowledge and experience to truly understand your needs with the ability to provide, when you need it.

Bar Counter Interior and Exterior Furniture by Rootform Blacksmith Wrought Iron Forged Metal Cape Town Western Cape

Restaurants and Bars

Contemporary and modern Restaurants and Bars created by Rootform have a special unique hand-made elements and one-of-a-kind fabrication of blacksmiths forged architectural hardware and ornamental metalwork.

Driveway and Pedestrian Gates

Blacksmith Forged Metal Driveway and Pedestrian Gates in Cape Town

Windows and Grills by Rootform the Art Factroy, Blacksmiths Cape Town

Windows and Grills

Bespoke indoor and outdoor Windows and Grills or any metalwork products made out of mild steel, stainless steel, wrought iron, cast iron, bronze & other alloy metals melded into works of art in our fabrication facility located in Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa.